Cannabis users new and experienced often come to budtenders looking for a strain that will suit them best, especially when choosing between types of flower. Maybe you’re looking for something you can take during the day, for a creative and uplifting feel. Maybe you’re having trouble sleeping, and a strain higher in CBD that causes body-wide relaxation is the goal. Maybe you’re just anxious, and whichever combination of indicas, sativas, or hybrids works is what you’ll need. Whatever it is, there’s a strain for everyone.


Often, marijuana is divided into sativas, indicas, or hybrids of the two. While this common nomenclature gets the job done on a conversational level, scientists who have performed more recent research are beginning to see no chemical differences between indicas and sativas despite long-standing generalizations about them. In fact, there are many cases of indicas giving someone more of a head high, or smoking a sativa that actually makes you feel way more chill. Because of this, strains are a generally better way to classify different types of marijuana as well as their intended effects on you.

Strains are more reliable because they refer to breeds of cannabis, not sub-categories. Strains are bred to have specific effects on their users, and aren’t identical or even related when viewed on a more genetic level. When companies sell house-brand strains or those that are less popular, you can tend to trust that the effects will be similar. However, the bigger a strain is, the more likely it is that a particular grower has combined it with something else or it varies from the “original” version of the strain in some capacity, which is where the strain name begins to get muddied and the effects are more up to chance. Purchasing from a quality source helps mitigate these factors, which is why flower from FireHaus tends to be more consistent.


Choosing a marijuana strain is based on what effects you’re looking for, and it’s helpful to consider what situations you’ll be using the strain in. Strains with “kush” in the name tend to be more relaxing or sedative, though to what extent varies. This includes Purple Kush, Bubba Kush, and Afghan Kush – all of which are great if getting shut-eye isn’t your strong suit. Some strains are meant more for pain relief, like Northern Lights, White Widow, Acapulco Gold, and Blue Dream. Others are good for reducing fatigue and producing brain power. Maui Wowie, Golden Goat, and White Widow can all give you the creativity you need. If these strain names are sounding strange, give our blog on how strains are named a read here!

Stop By FireHaus for More on Flower

Our budtenders are always willing to lend a helping hand and guide your decision on which flower is right for you. We know that finding the perfect flower is a journey, and it might take trying a few strains before you land on the perfect one. Luckily, FireHaus carries a wide variety of bud in every category and strain, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Stop by in-store or shop online today to begin your flower-finding endeavor!

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