Mar Vista

We love our neighbors in Mar Vista, and we’re happy to help them out with all of their cannabis needs. This residential and commercial neighborhood is only a few miles away, and it’s home to some of our favorite customers. If you haven’t been in to visit yet, make sure to stop by and say hello!

Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery in Mar Vista

Did you know we were named Marijuana Dispensary of the Year in the Mar Vista area?

Bordered by West Los Angeles, Culver City, Marina del Rey, and Santa Monica this community is home to 37,447 people. It has a high population density compared to the Los Angeles average, with 11,754 people per square mile. Mar Vista has a high percentage of veterans from World War II and the Korean War. The neighborhood has great diversity compared to neighboring areas, offering a unique blend of cultures.

Cannabis Deals

Shop the best deals from our extensive product list. We offer 10% off to new customers on their first visit, and special discounts to Students, Seniors and Veterans. Medical Patient? Come in on a Sunday with your MMIC or Doctor’s Rec for up to 20% off, and we’ll also pay the tax on your purchase.

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Want to know more about a specific brand or product that we carry? Stop by one of our in-store events and speak with a brand representative to learn everything you need to know.

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We carry a wide array of cannabis products from your favorite brands. Vape pens and cartridges, Flower, Pre-Rolls, Edibles, Extracts, and so much more. We know you have high standards, and so do we.

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We’re in the heart of West LA, conveniently located off the 405. Looking for product recommendations? Come talk to our awesome team of cannabis experts and we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Why We Love Mar Vista

Mar Vista is one of the hidden Westside gems in Los Angeles, located in a “pocket neighborhood” between other larger areas. It is a community of large yards, tree-lined streets, and friendly neighbors. It’s a true community, and locals carry a strong sense of neighborhood pride. Most of them stay in the area for the long haul. The Sunday Mar Vista Farmers Market is one of the best in all of Los Angeles and brings people from all over the city. The Mar Vista Recreation Center and Park is complete with a swimming pool, baseball diamond, roller hockey rink, volleyball courts, basketball courts – you name it, it’s there. And if none of that is enough, Mar Vista is also less than three miles to the beach.

Did you know that Mar Vista was once considered the “Lima Bean Belt of the Nation”?

In 1868, Henry Lewis planted the first lima beans in the United States, and by the 1930’s, lima beans thrived in the moist fields of Mar Vista. Mar Vistans voted to become a part of Los Angeles rather than incorporate as a city back in 1926. It remained a small farming community until developed Paul Trousdale purchased the land in 1947. It was bought with the intention to build a charming community for returning veterans, prioritizing gardens, outdoor spaces, and local nurseries. Famous mid-century modernist architect Gregory Ain designed the homes of a Mar Vista Housing Tract. This neighborhood remains one of the most appealing areas of Mar Vista, despite the fact that there are still no street lights there.
Mar Vista has several interesting facts and trivia. In the 1860’s, Union Army troops used Mar Vista Hill to watch out for an anticipated Confederate attack coming from Catalina Island. Grand View Boulevard was the first gated community in Los Angeles County. Busby Drug Store was the first commercial building in Mar Vista. During World War II, an Army anti-aircraft installation sat atop Mar Vista Hill at the end of Rose Avenue. It was installed to provide protection from Japanese bombers.
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