Lenitiv – The CBD Supplement for a Health & Wellness Lifestyle

Lenitiv – The CBD Supplement for a Health & Wellness Lifestyle

One of the most beautiful aspects of cannabis legalization and destigmatization is the opening up of cannabis use not only to medicinal card holders but also to those who wish to add cannabis to their health and wellness lifestyle/routine. Even those who wish to stay away from the psychoactive effects of THC can benefit from new CBD products, which are becoming more and more widely available and require far less red tape crossing to get onto the market. The benefits of CBD alone to health and overall wellness cannot be understated: it’s a powerful pain reliever, swelling reducer, and anxiety fighter… all without a psychoactive effect.

One of the unique CBD supplements on the market is a newcomer to the field: Montel Williams’ Lenitiv. Their CBD capsules take hemp derived CBD and combine it with another, lesser-known contributor to the cannabis plants therapeutic effects: Terpenes. Terpenes are volatile compounds found in all plants that are responsible for their smells and flavors, while also showing their own set of therapeutic benefits. Lenitive takes advantage of these in two distinct CBD capsule variations. The “Alert” blend includes terpenes known to assist in, as the name suggests, alertness as well as memory retention, focus, and stress relief. Conversely, the “Relax” blend contains terpenes with matching mood, sleep, and anti-anxiety promoting terpenes. These specified blends are sure to help you find a CBD product more closely matching your needs and intended use, and sets the Brand apart from other strictly-CBD capsules.

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