Marijuana Moms

Marijuana Moms

Move over wine moms, there’s a new breed of busy women looking for a way to relax and rejuvenate: From the real housewives of Beverly Hills to the minivan-driving soccer moms of the San Fernando Valley, the ‘Cannabis Mom’ is on the rise! Broadening recreational and medicinal cannabis products, and dispensaries that make finding the right product easy, are giving moms all over a safer alternative to alcohol, and one that can provide greater benefits as well!

Rest & Relaxation
With recreational use now in full swing, and the use of Cannabis becoming less and less taboo by the day, many busy moms in Los Angeles are trading in that end of day glass (or bottle) of Moscato for Cannabis products! Alternatives to smoking the flower are especially popular with moms: Cannabis chocolates, sublingual sprays & tinctures, and even odorless vaporizers have become among the top products of choice for moms who wish to use cannabis discretely and conveniently. Even moms who don’t like to get “high” are turning to cannabis massage oils, body lotions, and bath soaks to provide full-body relaxation at the end of the long, busy days of motherhood. No matter the method of ingestion, cannabis products are proving to be a godsend to moms who need a release, and with none of the detriments of alcohol consumption, especially when not smoked.

Pain Management
If anyone is no stranger to daily aches and pains, it’s moms. Being a mom isn’t easy, and the daily stresses of motherhood often result in chronic aches, joint pain, and other persistent issues that come as a result of being highly active. While many go the route of traditional painkillers and big pharma, many moms are beginning to catch on to the all-natural pain fighting properties of cannabis. Cannabis infused topicals, like balms and rubs, have a tremendous capacity to reduce pain and swelling both in problem areas and generally throughout the body. Ingested products, like flowers, edibles, and especially tinctures, can be powerful analgesics and provide whole body pain relief. Moms dealing with pain issues, from arthritis to back problems, have a new found friend in cannabis and as legalization spreads throughout the country more and more of them are turning to this form of natural plant medicine to help them get through the day.

Health & Wellness
Recently, it seems like the kale-smoothie & LuLuLemon crowd is catching on to cannabis as well! Many moms are seeing the value of cannabis as a health and wellness product and as a supplement to a healthy routine: CBD and THC-A tinctures and other cannabinoid-rich products are routinely used as health-fortifiers, taken daily like a vitamin as a preventative measure. Even juiced cannabis leaves are starting to pop up as a wheatgrass alternative! On the psychoactive side of things, cannabis is being popularized as a workout enhancer with many reports of enhanced focus, and greater awareness of muscles movements. Moms are proving that cannabis only makes you a couch-potato if you already are one, and it is, in fact, the perfect addition to an active, wellness-oriented lifestyle!

About FireHaus Marijuana Dispensary
Conveniently located near the communities of West Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Santa Monica, FireHaus is a premium medical and recreational dispensary for marijuana. With products ranging from craft brands to top-shelf favorites, we’re the choice for those looking for exceptional service along with the best products in southern California!

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