Summer Strains & Products

Summer Strains & Products

Summer is finally here, and that means plenty of occasions that go hand in hand with cannabis. Whether it’s the beach, a nice picnic, or a summer concert portable and discreet cannabis products are the best way to enjoy your summer to the fullest!

Tinctures are gaining in popularity as a convenient way to dose quickly and discreetly. They’re great on the go and offer fast-acting relief when used sublingual, but that’s not where their versatility ends: Tinctures make the perfect addition to a cold iced juice, smoothie, or even cannabis-infused cocktails (always consume alcohol and cannabis responsibly, and be careful when mixing). Tinctures are great for infusing any variety of drinks or food, and can give a refreshing kick to anything they’re combined with!

Edibles are another product perfectly suited for summer fun & travel. From refreshing gummies and beverages to decadent desserts and cheesy snacks they come in a variety sure to suit anyone’s tastes and needs. Like tinctures, edibles are also super easy to separate into appropriate and consistent doses, so you’ll know exactly how much cannabis you’re consuming. Edibles take some time to kick in, making them perfect for consumption before a concert or any other venue where cannabis consumption may not be allowed inside (always make sure to follow local laws & venue policies). Many edibles contain no cannabis scent and come in professional, non-assuming packaging. Bring them anywhere for direct consumption, or even add them to your trail mix for the perfect mid-hike cannabis boost.

For more direct consumption and immediate effect, vaporizers are perfect for the summer. Many brands offer cannabis vaporizer cartridges & disposable pens that not only provide an excellent and fast-acting dose but also mask the smell of cannabis with delightful scents and flavors. With little prep and stealthy application, vaporizers are ready to go whenever and wherever you are and come in a vast variety of potencies, flavors, and strains. They’re also lighter on the lungs than traditional smoking.

For the more traditional cannabis users who prefer to smoke flower, Pre-rolls are the way to go for the summer. Many top-shelf brands offer perfectly rolled joints filled with premium cannabis ready to light up (some brands, like Lowell Farms, even include matches for you). Some brands, like Island, also mimic the shape and look of tobacco cigarettes to add an extra element of both professionalism and discretion. No matter the brand, pre-rolled joints are the perfect way to share in social settings and avoid pesky & time-consuming joint rolling while the rest of your group waits around the bonfire. They also eliminate the need for one to travel with expensive and delicate glass, making them some of the best products for on-the-go flower use.

With these summer products, you are sure to have a great season and get the relief you need no matter what you have planned for the day. Ask your budtender about them today

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