The 411 on Edibles: All You Need to Know

All There Is to Know About Edibles

Edibles are a form of cannabis treats where cannabis extract is infused into foods, resulting in the same high without any of the smoking. Wondering more about these high-inducing snacks? Today, FireHaus is talking about all of the basics of edibles, from dosing to types!

The Benefits to Edibles

There are a ton of benefits to edibles, and many prefer them over smokable cannabis. For one, they’re a super discreet way to consume cannabis. While many methods require accessories or let off obvious clouds of smoke, edibles are simple to take and resemble any other treat. Second, edibles are more precisely dosed than a hit – generally speaking. While it can be tough to break up an edible to separate, exact doses if they’re a crumbly food (think: brownies or cookies), edibles are trustworthy in their total potency as per the package they come in. This can be especially helpful for those who are new to cannabis, because smoking is certainly a less predictable way to dose. Lastly, breathing in smoke isn’t an option for some and isn’t preferable by many. There’s a world of reasons someone might opt out of smoking, including asthma, allergies, and more. 

How to Dose Edibles

Dosing any form of cannabis requires experience, and is completely dependent on each individual person’s tolerance and body. Doses are listed in milligrams, and 5mg is generally the smallest whole dose. You’ll find that a lot of lozenges, mints, and gummies come in 5-10mg doses. FireHaus recommends starting small, and building up experience with edibles over time. Edibles are notorious for their extended waiting time, with some not kicking in for over an hour! The high can also last up to 2-3 hours. Many beginners make the mistake of not feeling an edible quickly enough, and take more within the “kick-in period.” This can result in an overwhelming high, so it’s always best to wait several hours before consuming more.

FireHaus’ Edibles

Edibles come in many forms, which can be loosely divided into foods, drinks, and smaller things.

Food & Snacks

The first of edibles, and forever the most popular, are snacks and treats! Edibles began as brownies, but their variety has far expanded since then. FireHaus’ favorites include cookies, gummies, and chocolate bars. If you’ve tried edibles in the past and were put off by taste, consider giving them another go! Marijuana’s ability to be infused in foods has come far, and most if not all edibles now have a nearly nonexistent “weed” taste.


Many assume that edibles only come in food form, but that is far from the truth! Cannabis-infused drinks have been sweeping the market as of late, and are becoming a popular way to casually engage in cannabis. Coffees and teas are a great wake-me-up, and fruit flavored drinks are a fun way to bring edibles out and about.

The Smaller Things

Edibles come in many forms, and this section covers those that often get forgotten: lozenges, mints, sublingual tabs, and more. FireHaus’ favorite lozenges are fruity, nearly candy themselves! These edibles are smaller and come in multipacks, which can make them handy for keeping with you on the go.

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