The Sativa Vapor Cartridge: An All-Day Toke

The Sativa Vapor Cartridge: An All-Day Toke

When it comes to lazy days at home or running weekend errands, it’s always handy to have a convenient and easy to use vapor pen. Vaporizers containing Sativa strains are particularly good for a boost of invigorating creative energy and creating a smooth sense of well-being. Because of this, they’re the perfect standby item for convenient dosing throughout the day: just charge, attach a cartridge, and they’re ready to go. With less odor, no smoke, and a considerably lower level of maintenance/setup involved than traditional smoking methods, vaporizers wonderful for home and indoor consumption. One of our favorite brands of cannabis vapor cartridges is Bloom Farms.

Their Sativa Highlighter is great for dosing throughout the day at home or during your routine and provides level doses of uplifting mental energy at social levels of potency. They’re available in both individual cartridges and battery bundles, so whether you need to get started or already have a standard vaporizer battery, it’s a very accessible product. The .5G of oil can last from 2 to 4 weeks when used moderately and contains 75 to 90 percent THC with cannabis-derived Sativa terpenes. They give any normal or lazy day an exciting boost of invigorating and positive energy!

Featured Item: Bloom Farms Sativa Highlighter

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