The Skinny on concentrates

The Skinny on concentrates

As interest in cannabis grows, the techniques for its use appear to advance similarly as fast. Prepackaged flower represents a small part of most dispensary retail activities. Furthermore, as use and interest have increased, concentrates are turning out to be more famous and different.

As this specialty market surpasses other marijuana categories, see precisely what concentrates are all about.

What Are Marijuana Concentrates?

Concentrates is a broad term for other forms of concentrated cannabis. As the name implies, a concentrate will have higher THC or CBD content than its preceding raw flower form. Flower typically has a THC content that between from 10% to 25%, where concentrates may be over 80%.

Understanding Cannabis Concentrates

The manner in which a concentrate is extracted influences the end result. Which in turn may dictate how the concentrate is consumed. Many concentrates are smoked or vaporized, while some may be consumed or applied to the skin.

Types of Concentrates

There are a variety of different cannabis concentrates available on the market. This list is not meant to review them all, but rather highlight some of the more common forms that are also available from Firehaus.


Hash is the “OG” concentrate. It has been around for a really long time, and has made a serious rebound with the blast of concentrates. Hash is commonly fragrant, and is frequently squeezed into a thick ball before consumption.


Shatter is a type of butane hash oil. The people who buy shatter regularly tend to consider shatter the purest form of cannabis. Shatter is typically a clear or semi-clear solid substance with a smooth surface. Similar to glass, shatter can break and the individual pieces consumed.

Live Resin

Live resin is extracted from fresh flower that has been flash frozen. This process preserves a ton of the flower’s fragrance and terpenes, which makes it popular among people that are fans of the smell and flavor of cannabis.


Rosin has become a popular concentrate individuals make themselves utilizing fresh flower, a hair straightener and parchment paper. Much of its popularity is tied to how easy it is to make and use.


Wax, or dab wax, is perhaps the stickiest type of concentrate. Dabs are a Tic-Tac sized sampling of concentrated cannabis wax. Dabs are made by separating THC, using a solvent like butane. The finished result is a concentrated oil frequently referred to as wax, honey, budder, shatter, crumble or butane hash oil (BHO).


Crumble is created from wax. The wax goes into a vacuum or drying process that transforms it into crumble. Crumble can be easily broken or molded into pieces for dabbing.

Vape Oil

One of the most common forms for consuming cannabis is as oil packed into a cartridge for vaping. There are a variety of different vaporizer devices that either use a cartridge or are a self contained disposable e-cigarette, infused with concentrated TCH.


Tinctures are alcohol based weed concentrates. Interest in tinctures has been growing as THC cocktails have grown in popularity as well as the convenience of a portable and easy to consume form THC. Oral tinctures are typically consumed using a dropper or added to a drink.

As with any marijuana product, concentrates should be treated with respect and used carefully. A concentrate can be a very low-key, convenient way to consume cannabis with a controlled dose and experience. There tends to be less guessing with concentrates which many users, especially new users, prefer.

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