The cannabis industry is booming and the flower is blooming. With the legalization of marijuana in places like California, more people are using it both recreationally and medicinally. The smokable part of a cannabis plant is called flower. Flower is also known as bud, nuggets, or nugs and it comes in different strains. It is the most popular form of cannabis because there are many ways to consume it. Some of these methods of consumption include through joints, blunts, pipes, bongs, vaporizers, and edibles.


Flower is available in both joints and blunts. Many users prefer to buy prerolls. With prerolls, the flower is ground, rolled, and packed, which is more convenient for those who don’t want to complete the process themselves. This method is most commonly used among cannabis users. If you would like to roll joints and blunts yourself, you can purchase grinders, crutches, papers, and wraps at a dispensary as well as online.


Flower can be smoked through pipes. A pipe is usually made out of glass, but can also be made out of metal, wood, ceramis, or silicone. This method of smoking is also popular because the pipe can be reused unlike a joint or blunt. They are easy to carry around, making them useful when you’re on the go. To smoke flower with a pipe, you have to grind it and then pack it into the bowl.


Bongs are similar to pipes in that they can be easily reused. The flower gets grounded and packed into the bowl. The main difference is that water is put inside of the bong. You can purchase a bong in a variety of colors and shapes. They are made out of many materials, including glass, plastic, metal, silicone, and ceramic.


Vaporizers have become an increasingly favored method of consuming cannabis. By vaping, you avoid putting smoke into your body. The cannabinoids are activated through vaporization, which unlike the other previous methods, the user won’t be inhaling the material that has been combusted. You can buy vaporizers online and in-store at a dispensary.


Edibles are cannabis-infused foods and beverages. Many of these products include cookies, brownies, gummy candies, chips, energy drinks, and more. They typically contain high concentration levels of THC. The effects of edibles aren’t felt immediately after consumption. It can take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to feel the effects and these can usually last between 4 to 12 hours, depending on the levels of THC in the edible, how much was consumed, body weight, and metabolism.


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