West LA Dispensary: Customer Appreciation Day

West LA Dispensary: Customer Appreciation Day

Customer Appreciation Day is finally here! We’ve been so incredibly lucky to have the best customers ever, and at FireHaus being a customer is no ordinary relationship. Here are just a few reasons that make you all the best family FireHaus could ask for.

It’s not your typical relationship

FireHaus started with a passion to help new and old cannabis consumers with finding the best products for them in this ever-changing new industry. Our goal is to create a community that not only feels comfortable at FireHaus, but a community that helps shape itself for the better. We love hearing about you, and how you use cannabis to help achieve your goals or get through uncomfortable situations. Our budtenders have expert knowledge on everything cannabis, but they are also there to talk with you about your life and who you are outside of the dispensary. We really care, and look forward to hearing from you every day!

You defy stereotypes

As many strides as we’ve (and many others) have made to remove the stigma from cannabis, it ultimately is in your hands to change the way it is viewed towards the mainstream world. Coming from many different backgrounds and cultures, you all stand up for the power and change cannabis brings to you and those around you. Even for our adult-use customers who use cannabis to relax or uplift, every time cannabis is consumed it is one step closer to becoming normalized.

These are just a few reasons why we love our customers. Be sure to stop by FireHaus in West Los Angeles the 1st and 15th of every month for special deals on some of your favorite products, food, and more!

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