What Conditions Can Cannabis Help Treat?

How Cannabis Can Help Treat Different Conditions

While many of us use cannabis for recreational purposes, this versatile plant possesses the ability to do more than produce psychoactive effects! Cannabis, more often called medical marijuana in conversations like these, can be used to treat any number of different conditions that impact the lives of people daily. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the most common ways that medical marijuana and cannabis improve and save lives.

Cannabis and Chronic Pain & Diseases

Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons to engage with cannabis, and currently, more than 600,000 Americans use it for chronic pain relief. Unlike some other ailments, chronic pain has been scientifically proven to be reduced by cannabis use. It helps most with diseases that wouldn’t otherwise have sufficient treatments, especially in patients with hard-to-treat peripheral neuropathy, neurological injuries, cancer and chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS, and muscle and joint disorders. In patients with cancer, cannabis may even kill tumor cells and slow their overall growth!

Cannabis’ Effect on Sleep

Millions of Americans wake up each morning feeling unrested, as though their sleep quality was incredibly poor no matter the amount of hours they spent in bed. Sleep is sensitive, and can be affected by factors like stress, tension, and racing thoughts. Cannabis encourages deeper sleep, and is great for reducing insomnia, nightmares, night terrors, and sleep walking in some patients. Using cannabis to manage sleep is a little tough, as some strains of cannabis with too much THC could actually activate your brain – the opposite of the effect you’d want. For treating sleep problems, stick to products high in CBD and low in THC that are sourced from indica strains.

Cannabis Helps Reduce Symptoms of Psychological Disorders

Struggling with mental illness can be a tiresome endeavor, and treatments that truly work can take a lot of time to come by. Cannabis can be helpful for some, especially those who experience depression, anxiety, PTSD, and/or schizophrenia. The cannabinoids help lift low moods and calm tension, especially in strains with low THC combined with high CBD. For depression, cannabis should be used minimally, as it could make you more susceptible to bad moods in the long term. For anxiety, cannabis is incredibly effective at very small doses of sub-10 milligrams. More than that could exacerbate feelings of anxiety. For PTSD, cannabis helps soften fear-based memories and reduces the brain’s responses to prominent triggers, like loud noises.

Cannabis Can Help Stimulate Appetite and Eating

There’s a whole host of reasons a person may lose their appetite. In situations where a disorder is the cause, losing weight and energy can have disastrous results. Cannabis reduces appetite loss, encouraging the user’s sense of hunger. This is especially helpful for those with cancer, AIDS, or a similar condition where nausea can be a side effect treatment.

Nerve and Muscular Disorders Treatable By Cannabis

One last essential role cannabis can play is in reducing the problems associated with nerve and muscular disorders. Cannabis can help reduce muscle spasms as well as alleviate tight or stiff muscles. Through improving movement, patients avoid cachexia and improve their movement. Moreover, cannabis has been shown to be incredibly effective in treating seizures and epilepsy, with CBD-based drug Epidiolex currently on the market.

FireHaus’ Cannabis Can Help Treat Your Condition

For many of these problems, the science is still out. More research is needed to prove that cannabis can make a significant difference. Luckily, FireHaus has an incredible selection of products with great deals, and there’s definitely a form of cannabis that fits your specific needs and lifestyle. Stop by today or order online, and of course, always use care and consult a doctor when necessary.